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Index of Māori Names


This index is from an unpublished manuscript compiled about 1925 by the missionary Rev. Henry James Fletcher (1868-1933). In its original form it was 987 pages long, a vast index of Māori names referred to in books and journals, including the names of boundaries, Māori individuals, canoes, trees, landmarks and geographical locations. It was Fletcher's greatest piece of work, and one that merited improved access.

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Digitising the Index

Mātangireia of the University of Waikato Library holds a microfilm copy of the index which was scanned, converted into a Word file, proofread, edited, digitised and made available online. In 2017, functionality of the index was vastly improved and is now searchable.

The Index of Māori Names is a constant work in progress with over 5800 new names and references being added since 2015.

Henry James Fletcher

Information on Henry James Fletcher may be found in the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography at:


The original index is held in the Alexander Turnbull Library (ATL ref. MS-0782) and has been digitised for incorporation in this reformatted index with their permission.

  • Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand
  • New Zealand Collection and other staff of the University of Waikato Library
  • DataNZ Limited (for scanning, conversion and HTML work)


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